Furniture and glasses

It has been a busy few months! I’ve managed to have an unending run of performances that have taken place at all kinds of venues. Philadelphia has been a great place for me to spread my wings. I’ll post more on that later.

I’ve been thinking a lot about rhythm. In the past, I’ve avoided unpitched sounds. I see a lot of percussive writing in pop music to be highly formulaic, and I was afraid I would go down a path that’s already well-trodden. But percussion can really add something special to a piece. Listen to someone like Kate Bush or Florence + the Machine, and the percussion propels the music straight to your soul.

So I’m working on an arrangement of ‘Love and Anger’ that is centered around unpitched percussion. I’m going to use my bed as a bass drum, bar stools for toms, a tambourine, and handclaps. I’m also interested in the possibilities of glasses as percussive and melodic instruments. Bowed glasses are perfect for the abundance of major 2nds in the piece, and glass struck with wooden chopsticks almost sound like a mandolin. So I really hope to feature a lot of those sounds, perhaps combined with a bass line on the Wurlitzer, unison toy piano with glasses, and saxophone chords.

It’s been a very creative time, and I hope at least some of you can come to hear me soon. I’ll be posting a calendar soon.


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