Electric (Piano) Counterpoint Performance

The past month has been incredibly rewarding and busy. I did my first live broadcast over ustream for Earth Hour, performed at the opening of the Pop-Up Museum of Queer History in Philadelphia, and continued work on an album I began back in December. On March 8th, I gave my debut recital as a solo artist at Rowan University. In addition to more traditional saxophone repertoire, I did a bit of pop minimalism, performing Marianne Faithfull’s Ballad of Lucy Jordan, Laurie Anderson’s The Dream Before, and my clarinet arrangement of Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work.

In the middle of all that, I finished my recording of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint for Wurlitzer electric piano right hand. The repetitive 16th notes proved difficult to keep even, due to the tendency for my thumb to strike the keys harder than my other fingers. For the video, I simply placed the camera directly on the keyboard. The repeated gestures create a kind of ‘dance’ that highlights the compositional process of the piece. I hope to perform the piece in public on the Wurlitzer, but I will probably end up using a sampled electric piano to avoid carrying my piano down a flight of stairs.

Here is the video.

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